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Upgrade Your Data Quality

Ensure your data quality is good enough to support your marketing and sales strategies instead of slowing down the performance of your business or organisation.

Manage Memberships

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Managing memberships, member information and member rights is solved. Payments2Us simplifies the process, enables accuracy and timeliness

Boost Peer to Peer Fundraising


Peer to Peer fundraising brings exciting opportunities to upscale your social impact. Payments2Us helps you manage the new dimensions of fundraising and empower your supporters.

Integrate Shopify

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Payments2Us gives a 360 degree view of all purchases / payments made by a contact, all in one place. It simplifies an important sales process, enables growth and speeds-up results

Import Files Easily

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Payments2Us Import Files process is a powerful feature that allows organisations to quickly, correctly import payment or fundraising data from other systems

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