1. Insure your phone numbers are valid

Have faith that phone numbers you enter are valid and actually connect. Next time you go to call your donor/customer you’ll be able to connect to them with the ability for your team to identify key details such as if the number is connected or disconnected and if the number is landline or mobile.

  1. Improve your email reputation and marketing with validated emails  

Don’t let human error damage your sender reputation. DataTools email verification software which is inbuilt into Payments2Us reduces this risk. it validates emails before they can be sent to spam traps and flagged down by your ISP (internet service provider) which can ruin your sender reputation. Such email validation improves your customer communication by minimizing fraud, hard bounces and spam complaints.  

  1. Save on postage  

Don’t waste time and money mailing to addresses that don’t exist or are incomplete with postcode validation which can automatically detect incorrect addresses, saving you time and money.  

Streamline the process of entering data with Payments2Us which allows your Contacts to enter their address with the autocompletion and cleaning of address feature which is shown to reduce the amount of human error and drastically improve the quality of addresses.

A comprehensive range of  integrated postal tools helps your organization create a cost-effective and profitable campaigns with delivery point Ids (DIPD), barcode numbers for all contacts linked to the campaign.  Stay ahead of changes in Australia Posts rules, prices, and plans. 

  1. Clean Data is key for managing your donors, customers and the pure sanity of staff. 

Data cleansing can be quite a time consuming and complex process yet it is essential for data management. Help your organisation save time and money on external data cleaners with the DataTools integration allows for a more efficient and effective data cleanse with human error being factored out.  

Payments2Us’ DataTools integration allows for your organization to clean up your data by eliminating errors to give you clean and reliable data. It also provides a means of keeping your data clean.

Posted: September 7th, 2022

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