Introducing Xero to Payments2Us

Xero is a popular cloud based financial package used by many organisations that can now be connected with Payments2Us. You can accurately capture contact and payment details with all your data stored in one place. Payments2Us allows you to synchronise contact, invoice and payment details with the power of Salesforce.

Payments2Us integration with Xero allows for seamless invoicing which is then recorded back into your instance of Salesforce while synchronizing contact and payment details. This takes the hassle out of manually inputting customer information and improves your ability to capture payment details with all your data stored in the one place.

Connecting Xero with Salesforce

When Xero is connected with Salesforce, it captures key information on bills and receipts such as supplier names, invoice numbers, due dates, etc. and transfers them into data that can be securely stored within Salesforce. Furthermore, with Xero integrated into Salesforce your team can easily track invoices and other important payment information within Salesforce by entering and synchronizing Xero invoices.

Here are some useful links to find out more about Xero and how you can connect Xero with Salesforce.

Posted: July 26th, 2022

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