Arts Project Australia is a creative social enterprise supporting artists with intellectual disabilities by promoting their work and advocating for their inclusion in contemporary art practice.

The organisation has a reputation for innovation, quality and for providing extraordinary opportunities for its artists, some who have displayed their work internationally.


The disability sector changed drastically in 2016 with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Arts Project Australia required a robust solution that could meet both the changing requirements of the NDIS as well as Art Management. The solution needed to collect funds in different ways and manage donors, members and grants.

The solution needed to manage sensitive information about artists and their individual requirements and catalogue each of their creations which could number in the thousands. Each artwork needed to be recorded for exhibitions, leasing, invoicing and purchase information.

It is important to celebrate the successes such as notifying the artist when an artwork is sold. The system needed to be able to track and have workflows to manage artists, multitudes of artwork and invoicing.

It took two days per month to manually create invoices for 30 people. With 150 artists gradually enrolling in the NDIS the administration became unsustainable.


Arts Project Australia implemented a seamless online payment form with Payments2Us into their website which can capture donations and monthly recurring payments.

The invoicing for the sale of artist’s work used the Receipting module which automated the processes for both the purchaser, Arts Project Australia and the artist. This saved substantial administration time.

Payments2Us  with the Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP) provided the capacity to manage artists, volunteers and donors, using the power of Salesforce to keep track of key data about each. This allowed Arts Project Australia to manage the experience and journey that each stakeholder had with their organisation.

We could manage the timetable for artists' attendance and the consequent automation of the NDIS invoicing process.


The most important outcome that Payments2Us delivered was the flexibility to meet the requirements of some very varied (and sometimes constantly changing) industries being the Arts and Disability sectors.

Using the power of Salesforce and Payments2Us meant that Arts Project Australia could run all their requirements and continue to develop as the NDIS made regular changes to its processes.

When Arts Project Australia opened its new gallery, all the systems were in place to streamline the process.

Cloud-based invoicing process which means that when working from home or when we opened our new off-site Gallery in Collingwood, we had everything we needed at the tip of our fingers, literally.

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