The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference needed a safe way to receive donations and to add them to a robust CRM via their website. Many donors are elderly and used to dealing with the paper and pen approach to gift giving.


Using the Non Profit Support Pack (NPSP) with Salesforce and the modules on Membership and Recurring Payments in Payments2Us, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference was able to set up an online payment form and automate their donation processes

We have two donation forms and one subscription form. Donors and subscribers have the option of paying via the web form or using a paper form to provide details, which can easily be inputted by our office staff.


The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference successfully transitioned their donors to the new system saving substantial time and administrative costs. They’ve also broadened their reach with donations now being received from different demographics.

The driver of adopting Payments2Us was managing a donation program that had started its life as totally paper-based. Many of the subscribers are elderly and it has been interesting encouraging those who are willing to make their payments directly into the payment form. Additionally, we have been able to diversify our donor reach by providing the online facility.

From a simple Microsoft Access database with a lot of manual integration and paperwork, the organisation has now automated the processes with assistance from the Payments2Us team.

The online knowledge articles are also excellent and easy to read. Payments2Us is continuously adding features which remain abreast of current eCommerce options. Of course having a payments app in Salesforce means we can now produce reports and dashboards, which provides valuable insights into our programs.

This transition has been hugely labour-saving!

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