Australian Vintage is one of the leading producers of wine in Australia with innovative and award winning wine brands that are recognised on both domestic and international markets. Payments2Us has been set up to internally manage the private Wine Club membership at the cellar door.


Before the implementation of Payments2Us, many processes were manual and time consuming. Customers had to be set up manually and organising campaigns required business approval and the setting up stages required many manual steps. If a customer skipped a campaign, this had to be checked and updated.

Credit card tokenisation was not automated. Payments in general were not part of the process and needed checking against EFT to ensure accuracy.

The process was very time consuming and required a lot of report checking.


Payments2Us was implemented internally with an online checkout form customised to meet requirements at the cellar door. The membership module allowed us to provide recurring payments and automated receipting with address validation and credit card expiry dates.

Integrations allowed contact information to be kept in sync to other company websites and to raise sales against tokenised cards in Salesforce, integrating back to the ERP system.

Payments2Us provided high levels of support during the implementation.”

Visibility of everything in the one space.


Payments2Us has simplified and reduced time to manage the processes providing more control and visibility. It is easy to access and everything is in one place.

Wine club members can sign up electronically with address validation and can organise multiple packs if they wish. Automated campaigns can flow through resulting in automated payments prior to delivery.

Australian Vintage staff find it easy to reconcile payments and orders to customer accounts and refund, if necessary, are easy to process. The change history is visible to staff. Overall, it has reduced the effort required to manage the campaigns.

We have had a reduction in administration by approximately 70%, as many actions are no longer a manual process. Our revenue has grown by around 60% since moving from the old application. With the old system, staff would not have been able to cope with the number of acquisition growth within the clubs.

“Payments2Us has proven to be a great business partner providing excellent service and support, quick response with development, questions, and problem solving.”

“The Payments2Us team are always professional, helpful, prompt when contacted, and provide ongoing communication regarding application updates that are being developed and released.”

I believe without Payments2Us our business would not have been able to manage the growth in customer memberships and sales experienced since implementing this solution.

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