Canteen is a charity that provides practical and emotional support tailored to all young people aged 12 - 25 who have been impacted by cancer, whether it is a cancer diagnosis for themselves or a family member.

The organisation was set up by a group of young cancer patients in 1985 and still has young people affected by cancer guiding the organisation at every level. Combined with leading edge research into the emotional and social impacts of cancer, it ensures that Canteen truly understands how cancer is different in a young person’s world.


When Canteen implemented the Salesforce Non Profit Support Pack,  they needed a strong payment engine to support their large Regular Giving Program. The system needed to be able to continue to use NAB Transact as a key driver. It was also important to find a system that allowed the implementation of a very customised set of business rules so flexibility was important.

As Regular Giving is the single biggest contributor of income at Canteen, we are reliant on our debit running as scheduled, twice per month.


The Payments2Us implementation required the recurring payment modules along with the batch entry. Canteen also needed the Peer-to-peer fundraising option to match in with their ongoing donation strategies.

Canteen also uses the P2Us Staging Tables to easily import bulk Regular Giving data from multiple Face to Face Agencies, their corporate website and other third-party platforms. They also import tele-marketing results weekly which are automatically updated against the Recurring Payment.

It has also been good to have the confidence that when issues have emerged during specific payment runs, the Payments 2 Us team have been available to help us brainstorm potential issues when our initial exploration has not led us to a solution.


The platform is flexible enough to accommodate Canteen’s quite complex and mature Regular Giving Program. The fortnightly debits run smoothly, with little to no manual intervention. They can change the start of the debit or other details such as retry attempts, in-house, to accommodate public holidays and the holiday season.

Canteen are now able to successfully transact over 70,000 Regular Giving transactions per month using Payments2Us. We can also easily import new and updated Regular Giving Information each week and take payment directly within Salesforce as needed.

Since the initial implementation the Payment 2Us platform has continued to improve. New features and improvements are being rolled out regularly which benefits all customers. The Payments2Us Team seems open to suggestions for future enhancements and always willing to listen to what we have to say.

The data model devised by Payments2Us has been used as part of the introduction of Machine Learning models for income prediction. The Machine Learning models has been developed in-house at Canteen have had accuracy close to 100% since its inception.

Thanks to Jeff and the team for their support for one of the most critical parts of our business.

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