Foodbank Australia relies heavily upon the generosity and support of its donors and therefore needed a robust and flexible payment solution that could deliver fundraising functionality with a seamless interface.

Communication with donors was seen as vital, as well as a reliable platform that could expand to meet their needs.

Foodbank Australia needed to set up multiple campaigns and bank accounts to cater for the different needs of each state they administered to.


Foodbank Australia implemented the Non Profit Support Pack (NPSP) with Salesforce. provided 10 free licenses and the NPSP with features specific to not for profit organisations.

Using Payments2Us, Foodbank Australia set up campaigns and donor management plans tailored to each state.

It was important to measure the success of each campaign reports/dashboards and Google Analytics.

Monies collected from each payment can be fed back into google analytics, so campaign success can be measured by goal completion in Google Analytics, allowing the $ collected to be analysed against all the other information Google has collected about your donor base.


Our success is built upon the success of our clients. AAkonsult provides professional consulting and development services to help our clients plan, analyse, design, build and implement “best in practice” Salesforce CRM and platform implementations. Our solutions are high quality and cost effective. Foodbank Australia has been using the Payments2us support and online payments product for a decade and have found it an excellent platform which seamlessly captures web donations and loads all the customer details into Salesforce making subsequent communication with donors easy.

If you’re looking for a reliable, fully functional and easy to customise online payment gateway for your website that’s fully integrated with Salesforce and is backed up by a great local team with a focus on customer service, I can thoroughly recommend Payments2Us.

Foodbank Australia have found it easy to set up different forms for different appeals and have the donations flow through to the correct campaign in Salesforce. At Foodbank Australia, this step is taken further, by also directing the monies to a different bank account depending on which state is being donated to.

Foodbank Australia uses the provided widgets which are used to show how appeals are progressing against a target, or to highlight recent donors. As with the rest of the forms, these use brand colours and style, so they integrate seamlessly with Foodbank Australia’s website.

Foodbank have even embedded their forms into some of their partner’s websites for partner specific campaigns.

During this time Payments2us have listened to our needs and have extended the product to meet them, as well as bringing on some excellent new features we’d never even thought of.

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