Royal Far West specialises in supporting children’s developmental, mental and behavioural health so they can reach their full potential. They work to address service gaps and support our most vulnerable families and communities, we help ‘the system’ go further.


Royal Far West required a system to replace ThankQ. The move to Salesforce (and Payments2Us) was driven by plans to upscale the individual giving program significantly, and therefore the systems chosen had to support that initiative.


Working with the Payments2Us team to modify or create functionality on the recurring payments has been the most important and impactful outcome for Royal Far West. It has allowed the management of donors – particularly declined payments - better and more easily, which undoubtedly has improved retention and maximised donation income.

It’s also given us the ability to have the in-depth view of our program required to drive success, particularly around management of face-to-face fundraising campaigns.


I am always happy to recommend Payments2Us to other charities. We have struck a comfortable balance with benefiting from the universal developments and additions from Payments2Us, whilst getting what we need through bespoke work.

We benefited greatly, not just from AAkonsult’s in-depth knowledge, but from their willingness and ability to understand the context and scope of what we need. I consider them our most important Salesforce-related partner

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