The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Western Australia (RSPCA WA) was established in 1892 and is the state’s oldest, largest, and leading animal welfare charity.

RSPCA WA’s aim is to protect all animals from cruelty by actively promoting public awareness about animal welfare and advocating for improvements in the way people relate to animals.  


“We had a number of significant limitations with our previous system, including our regular gift processing. These donations required a large amount of manual processing and reconciliation and because of that, our supporters were restricted to donating on two fixed days per month.

“We had no integration from our donation form on our website to our CRM. This meant we were spending large amounts of time reconciling donations, cleaning up data, and importing donations into our system.

“There were lots of routine processes that needed to be automated to save time and ensure data integrity. We didn’t have the technology available to do this. Large amounts of time were spent on importing data from other systems, manually generating reports for follow-up, or routine tasks which could be easily automated.

“We had no consistent way to segment our data, and this took hours each time we needed to decide on criteria to run our reports. AAkonsult helped us achieve a simple and intuitive way to consistently and easily identify our supporters’ interests.”

With our migration to Salesforce and Payments2Us, in an average week we are saving just over 22 hours of staff time. This is almost 3 full-days of work per week that our staff can now spend on building better relationships with our supporters.


“Payments2Us Recurring Payments have allowed us to automate our regular giving process and follow-up to donors, which is saving us around 35 hours per month. We’re now able to put our supporters’ needs first and provide the flexibility to process donations on any day of the month.

“All of the donations that are made through our website are now automatically imported into Salesforce using the Payments2Us forms. This has saved us a huge amount of time from importing donations and allocating them to the correct campaign. When our supporters contact us, we also have access to real-time information in Salesforce to help with any queries they might have.

“The Batch Entry function is a much more efficient way for us to process donations. The quick search and default settings help us to enter information quickly and accurately.”

Overall, we’ve been able to spend more time on focusing on our supporters and their needs by reducing the amount of time we spend on repetitive tasks.


All donations we receive are now automatically receipted to an email address if our donor has one available. This has significantly reduced our receipting time by around 15 hours per month and is a great improvement for supporters who prefer to use digital methods of communication.

Our supporters have a considerably improved experience with us when they donate over the phone. The ability within Payments2Us to process donations instantly allows us to confirm that the payment has been processed, and that an automated receipt has been issued.

The new set-up by AAkonsult to identify our supporters’ interests has been a huge success. Staff now have a quick visual representation of what our supporters have participated in over the years, so we’re able to better help with any phone enquiries. We also use these fields in our reporting and mail segmentation, which allows us to generate data quickly and accurately.

Working with AAkonsult, we were able to implement Salesforce within our preferred timeframe and budget, which was pretty incredible considering our project kicked-off at the start of the COVID lockdowns.

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