Payments2Us is so much more than a payment gateway integration. It is a comprehensive app for managing all your non-profit fundraising and corporate payment collection needs.

Get paid online & manually

Payments2Us gives you all the configuration options that help you tailor it to your organisation. It gives you total flexibility to implement your uniquely satisfying solution.

Payments2Us is an App to meet your Fundraising and Business payment needs.

  • On your website

  • From a button against Contact/Account/Opportunity or any object

  • Multiple forms of payment – Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Money Order, ApplePay, GooglePay, Bank Transfer etc.

  • Different views for public website, vs. internally in Salesforce

  • Generate PDF receipts where the letter used is assign from Campaign, Payment Form or Company level

Upgrade your data quality

Ensure your data quality is good enough to support your fundraising, marketing and sales strategies instead of slowing down the performance of your business or organisation.

Save money on postage and managing of returned mail.  Gain confidence of users by have good quality and trusted data.

  • Save on postage by having valid address

  • Improve deliverability by 40% with validated address

  • Provide quick entry of addresses with auto suggest

  • Validate Address, Emails, Phone (AU/NZ), BSB

  • Available on external checkout or internally for Account/Contact/Lead

  • Improve email reputation and marketing with validated emails

Increase regular donations

Payments2Us helps you build your social impact by making regular donations and all forms of payment, plus receipting and reconciliations made easy.

Save time and money with built in automated processes for managing failed payments and expired cards. 

  • Available for Credit Card/Direct Debit/eCheck/PayPal/On invoice

  • Configurable number of automated retries

  • Suspended card holders sent email so they can update themselves

  • Expired card holders sent email so they can update themselves

  • No card details in Salesforce, tokens used

  • Flexible periods – daily/weekly/monthly/4 weekly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual/bi annual etc.

  • Salesforce user can maintain all aspects, including frequency, active, amount, card updates, expiry update etc.

  • Annual donor statements

Simplify direct debits

Simplify your Direct Debit process by having users sign up online and automatically Direct Debit schedules in Salesforce.  Use the very cost effective option of generating ABA files and uploading to internet banking, or the fully automated option with EziDebit integration.

  • Automatic sign up online

  • Manage all details inside Salesforce

  • Cost effective option of generating ABA/CSV files and processing through your banks Internet Banking

  • Fully Automated Process with settlement matching with full integration with EziDebit.

Manage events and courses

From event creation to ticket sales to reporting results, Payments2Us simplifies all processes, enables data accuracy and event management all within Salesforce CRM.

  • Links directly with Campaigns in Salesforce

  • Multiple ticket types, including: single, group, team.  

  • Different style of tickets – movie, conference like.

  • Easily add custom fields – e.g. dietary requirements, sporting handicap 

  • Early bird pricing

  • Cost effective and native

Manage memberships and subscriptions

Managing memberships, member information and member rights is solved.  Automated processes for managing of renewals, renew reminders and allowing members to follow a one step link to renew quickly.

  • Multiple types of memberships, including Single, Family (Group), Corporate

  • Time based workflows send email with unique link for simple renewal

  • Membership approval processes available

  • Assigning of voting rights

  • Manage magazine type subscriptions including edition numbers, first/last editions for subscription periods and more

  • Manage Wine Club type subscriptions with online sign ups, charging when packs are ready for delivery, postal runs and change schedules for club members automated changes in preferences.

Boost peer-to-peer fundraising

Peer to Peer fundraising brings exciting opportunities to upscale your social impact. Payments2Us helps you manage the new dimensions of fundraising and empower your supporters.

  • Links directly with Campaigns in Salesforce

  • Multiple ticket types, including: single, group, team.  

  • Different style of tickets – movie, conference like.

  • Easily add custom fields – e.g. dietary requirements, sporting handicap 

  • Early bird pricing

  • Cost effective and native

Integrate Shopify

Payments2Us gives a 360 degree view of all purchases / payments made by a contact, all in one place. Leverage this information in your marketing / fundraising engagement plans to turn purchasers into donors and then regular donors.

  • Simple and quick to setup

  • Records purchases and line items inside Salesforce

  • Provides 360 degree of online shopping purchase along side other modules of Payments2us such as Memberships, Donations, Event Tickets etc.

Import files easily

Payments2Us Import Files process is a powerful feature that allows organisations to quickly, correctly import payment or fundraising data from other systems

  • Templates for common 3rd party platforms such as Give Now, Go Fundraise etc.

  • Easily setup custom your own templates/mapping.  For example Workplace Giving, Face-to-face fundraising

  • De-duplicates accounts and contacts automatically with existing Salesforce records, or will create new ones as needed

  • When required, Import fundraisers only without creating donations (opportunities) 

  • Soft Credit Fundraisers

  • Link to existing campaigns, and/or create sub campaigns for teams as imported

  • Import and tokenise credit cards, or import tokens.  Ideal when using 3rd party fundraisers.

Batch entry of payments quicklly

Enter and receipt your Direct Mail campaigns quickly and simply through Batch Entry smart design that allows for quick location of donors, defaults details such as campaign and prior payment methods.

  • Quickly enter and process all types of payments

  • Use barcode to scan member/support no. and campaign

  • Remembers previous payment options and details of contact to default in for future quick entry

  • Batch totals for reconciling and cross checking entry


Webhooks provide the ultimate in flexibility by allowing your web developer to create custom online donation forms and simplifies the integration into Salesforce.  At the same time, it leverages the power of Payments2Us with its receipting, de-duping of contacts and managing of recurring payments.

  • Simple way to connect existing/custom online forms with Salesforce

  • Integration method supported by Payments2Us and provides longer term assurance with upgrades

  • Leverages Payments2Us Receipting and de-duping capabilities

Automated bank reconciliation

Delight the Finance team with automated integration that will read your online bank statements and automatically match those with the individual credit card transactions.

  • Links to one of 17,000 banks around the world

  • Save finance team a lot of time reconciling their online banking with the individual payments made.

  • Automatically mark of Awaiting Payments for Bank Transfers

Salesforce native

Being Salesforce Native matters.  Your team does not have to learn or manage multiple systems.  The skills your admin has for reporting, dashboards, adding custom fields, workflows etc. are already there and ready to be use with Payments2Us.

  • Your admin already has the skills and know-how to create reports, dashboards, set security, add reports, navigation, validation rules etc.

  • Easily extend with Workflows / process builder/ flows.

  • Built on the trusted platform enabling high availability, trusted security, constant upgrades and scalability

  • Compliments NPSP or works with Standard Salesforce

  • Translation workbench for changing any label

  • Easily add to Experience Cloud

Xero Integration

Payments2Us’ integration with Xero allows for smooth and seamless invoicing which is recorded back into your instance of Salesforce. Furthermore, Payments2Us allows you to take the time and hassle out of having to key in customer information and improves your ability to accurately capture contact and payment data with all your data stored all in the one place.

  • Saves time by automatically Synchronizing Contact/Invoice/Payment details between Salesforce and Xero

  • Better financial dashboard/reporting insights by having all your data up to date and inside Salesforce

  • Part of Payments2Us saving on 3rd party integration Apps, setup and support.


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