Collecting payments by a method that suit your customer online, at the completion of your service or for a membership / subscription is made simple and secure with Payments2Us.

Streamline your payment options
Getting paid simply and fast

Payments collected fast and simple

Capture payments anywhere
Get paid on the spot with mobile functionality at the location of your work

Request payments
Send a link or button to your customers to make payments fast, convenient and easy for everyone

Modify your payment options
Configure your payment screen to match your business’s needs

Allow a range of payment options
Suit your customer’s payment preferences with direct debit, credit card, Paypal or invoice with cash, cheque or Bpay

Memberships managed with Ease

Memberships managed with ease

Set up a smart membership program
New customers automatically added and welcomed to your membership program

Choose from different types of memberships
Organisations, individuals and groups or families can be catered for depending upon your business membership model

Automate the renewal process
Reduce time and administration to renew your memberships with workflows and secure payment links. 

Subscriptions for your wine club or publication

Subscriptions for your product or publication

Set up a clever subscription program
Goods or services delivered on a regular basis may set up a subscription model payment plan to keep customer loyalty.

Manage subscription settings
Set when a subscription starts and how long it lasts 

Control when the subscription is paid
Manage your cash flow for better planning and forecasting

Organise events and training

Organise events and training

Manage your events or training sessions with our customisable event module with tickets of all types and requirements.

Salesforce Native

Salesforce Native Matters

Navigate with ease
Payments2Us is written in Salesforce native which means it is part of the Salesforce ecosystem. Staff familiar with this, will find everything they need easily.

Customise your payment experience
Payments2Us has the flexibility to tailor your payment portal experience with the ability to add workflows, custom fields, validation rules, language translations, reports and dashboards.

Create your own reports and dashboards
The data is all in one place which makes reporting easy and customised to your organisation’s needs.

Balancing the Books

Balancing the Books

Reconcile your transactions with internet banking
Save time and make your finance team super happy by having automatic reconciliation between all payment transactions stored in Salesforce linked with your internet banking.  

Xero integration
Payments2Us allows you to Automatically synchronize contacts, invoices and payments between Salesforce and Xero as well as give you the ability to leverage Salesforce reporting features to gain key insights.


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Our clients include

Australian Vintage is one of the leading producers of wine in Australia with innovative and award winning wine brands that are recognised on both domestic and international markets. Payments2Us has been set up to internally manage the private Wine Club membership at the cellar door. More
JOY Media is Australia’s LGBTIQA+ independent media organisation, made up of the diverse voices of the rainbow. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the JOY team consists of a small paid staff and a large volunteer cohort who together bring news, music, information and entertainment. More
Arts Project Australia is a creative social enterprise supporting artists with intellectual disabilities by promoting their work and advocating for their inclusion in contemporary art practice. More