Join us as we explore the crucial second step of our registration form wizard - adding a custom field. In this video, we’ll guide you through all four essential steps required to tailor your registration form to perfection. Discover how easy it is to gather essential information for your charity initiatives while enhancing participant engagement. Watch now and elevate your registration process to new heights!
A compelling receipt letter transcends its role as a tax document; it serves as a powerful means to foster relationships with your donors. In this video, we'll explore how you can use Payments2us to craft compelling receipts and emails that avoid spam detection and comply with tax requirements.
In this video series we'll dive into how to create a movie-style ticketed event form complete with comprehensive ticket monitoring capabilities as well as discovering how easy it is to offer a variety of payment options, putting control in your hands. Advance your mission with our dynamic events feature.
Discover advanced event management with our Event Part 2 tutorial! Customise ticketing for diverse events: specify attendees for group gatherings and empower buyers to purchase tickets for others even without upfront information. Capture detailed attendee info effortlessly for formal events. Our intuitive platform ensures flawless execution.
Successfully managing transaction failures is crucial for any organisation to maintain a smooth financial operation and uphold trust with your donors. Here are five useful tips to navigate and address transaction failures effectively in Payments2us.
Delve into the ins and outs of recurring payments inside Salesforce using Payments2us. Learn how to seamlessly update donation amounts and details, placing a donation on hold (rather than canceling) , & cancel recurring payments without fuss. Optimise your recurring payment potential. Whether you're a nonprofit, business, or individual, streamline your financial processes, reduce errors, and gain competitive advantages by using Payments2us.
A short tutorial on how to do a simple CSV upload.
This overview aims to quickly take you through the basics of Payments2Us by going through the most commonly used features such as taking a payment, de-duplicating data, and taking a recurring payment. The overview also goes through the many resources available to help you be successful.
This installation video provides step-by-step instructions and visual guidance on how to properly install and set up Payments2Us.