Successfully managing transaction failures is crucial for any organisation to maintain a smooth financial operation and uphold trust with your donors. Here are five useful tips to navigate and address transaction failures effectively in Payments2us.
Delve into the ins and outs of recurring payments inside Salesforce using Payments2us. Learn how to seamlessly update donation amounts and details, placing a donation on hold (rather than canceling) , & cancel recurring payments without fuss. Optimise your recurring payment potential. Whether you're a nonprofit, business, or individual, streamline your financial processes, reduce errors, and gain competitive advantages by using Payments2us.
A short tutorial on how to do a simple CSV upload.
This overview aims to quickly take you through the basics of Payments2Us by going through the most commonly used features such as taking a payment, de-duplicating data, and taking a recurring payment. The overview also goes through the many resources available to help you be successful.
This installation video provides step-by-step instructions and visual guidance on how to properly install and set up Payments2Us.
This overview covers the essentials of annual statements in Payments2us including sending out annual statements to donors, how to create samples and how to bulk send.
Explore how the National Stroke Foundation revolutionized its operations and achieved remarkable success with Payments2us' solutions to improve the donation process including the batch entry system.