Step by Step instructions for quickly importing payment details from any CSV. See how to use the inbuilt mapping or create your own. Utilise the powerful de-duping capability to ensure clean data.
Installing Payments2Us from the Salesforce AppExchange. Walks through the process of installing, configuring sites and permissions. Creation of sample configurations and taking your first payment
This step by step guide takes you through the reecording of Cash, Cheque/Check, Monery order and other types of payments or donations in Salesforce using Payments2Us.
Step by Step walk through of Payments2Us Memberships. See how easy it is to process a new membership and how simple it is to renew existing ones. Also walks through managing of different membership types and ways of managing members.
Step by Step guide of using Payments Schedules with Payments2Us in Salesforce. Walks through setting up of a membership that is paid quarterly and also walk through how a donor/customer could be setup to be regularly invoiced.
Do you need to take a Credit Card or any type of payment against an Opportuntiy, Account, Contact or in fact any object in Salesforce? This session walks you through an example of how to take a payment against an Opportunity and shares resources available for you to create your own payment buttons
About Payments2Us App for Salesforce CRM.
Setting up a payments or donation solution in Salesforce has never been easier. This overview take you through the various modules available in Payments2Us. There is a step by step overview of getting started and taking your first payment online and seeing how the details are natively recorded in your Salesforce instance. The overview also goes through the many resources available to help you be successful.
Learn how simple it is to Peer-to-Peer fundraise with Salesforce and Payments2Us. Attract more donations without the normal fees associated with 3rd party Peer to Peer fundraising platforms.