Learn how simple it is to Peer-to-Peer fundraise with Salesforce and Payments2Us. Attract more donations without the normal fees associated with 3rd party Peer to Peer fundraising platforms.
Learn how to personalise receipts to match your corporate branding and style. Update logos, colours, receipt/statement text and much more
See how a customer/donor can easily setup a new regular payment online. Learn how simple it is to manage recurring payments/donations where cards fail or cards expire. Step by Step instructions for setting up a new regular payer/donor from within Salesforce.
Learn how to process a refund. Walk-through of steps to setup a simple approval process that allows one person to request a refund and another to approve and process.
See how simple it is to setup Shopify integrated with Salesforce. See a demonstration of a Shopify order being taken and the details appearing in Salesforce