Step by Step process for going live with Payments2Us for Salesforce. Includes an example of adding an iFrame for a Wordpress site.
Step by Step instructions for sending out annual statements to donors. Includes how to create samples and how to bulk send.
Learn how simple it is to personalise any field or heading on your payment form. Use the same technique to change any manage package label.
Personalise Payments2Us for Salesforce by creating your own theme to match your corporate style.
Learn how to improve your Salesforce data quality and save on postage costs/returns with Payments2Us. Setup autocomplete with addresses for quick entry and vlidation. Check on fields such as phone, email and BSBs. Validate data with your online forms or internally in Salesforce on Leads, Accounts and Contacts.
Setup Direct Debits from an online application form or internally by staff directly in Salesforce. This step by step guide also takes you through the process of running a Direct Debit Batch run.
See how simple it is to manage Events with Payments2Us and Salesforce. You'll see how you can setup various ticket types for movie ticket style, confernce style for paid or free events. Instructions on how to setup Payments2Us Events from within Salesforce
Step by Step instructions for quickly importing payment details from any CSV. See how to use the inbuilt mapping or create your own. Utilise the powerful de-duping capability to ensure clean data.
Installing Payments2Us from the Salesforce AppExchange. Walks through the process of installing, configuring sites and permissions. Creation of sample configurations and taking your first payment