Listening to understand the needs of managers from NFPs and corporate organisations has been the foundation of AAkonsult’s successful range of products and services.

Doing our bit

The team at AAkonsult, the creators of Payments2Us, believe good business is more than just the bottom line.  We believe that care and respect for staff, the environment, customers and the community are a must.  We also know that there are many organisations out there doing their bit to help with others and the environment. At the core to AAkonsult’s values is its desire to help and assist those organisations wherever and however possible.

To achieve this, we offer the following:

  • Discounted daily rates for services with Non-Profit Organisations

  • Discounted access to products developed by us for Non-Profit Organisations

  • Sustainable office with solar and battery for energy, composting, electric vehicles for transport, electric vehicle charge point to encourage uptake, reuse/recycling, video conference usage whenever possible to save on travel impacts

  • One day per quarter per full time staff donated to help a Non-Profit Organisations

  • Membership of the Salesforce Pledge 1% and Equality employer

  • Guidance on other AppExchange products that are also Non-Profit friendly

  • Guidance on eligible Non-Profit Organisations applying for Foundations – 10 Free user license grants

Starting with the frustrations of a wildlife rescue organisation

It all started at an event put on by the local vet clinic. There were activities, games and stalls for children all about animals. Jeff Challis, the Principal Director of AAkonsult, decided to take his family along. During the evening he chatted with the stall holders who were representing a volunteer wildlife rescue service and learnt about how much of their time was taken up with managing their records, members and fundraising rather than helping animals.

It got Jeff thinking. Maybe he could help. He had knowledge of Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and its powerful capabilities. Yet he knew it did not answer every need.
Could he develop, within Salesforce, a product to solve this organization’s problems?

Meeting the unique needs of a Non-Profit organisation

They needed a system that could:

  • accept every type of payment

  • manage memberships automatically

  • help fundraise initiatives

  • streamline the manual processes.

“Simplify, Enable, Speed-Up” the payment process became the focus of AAkonsult. The search was on for the smartest way to Capture, Process and Manage payments that suited the mode of operation of Non-Profit organisations. That meant hours of intense hours of development, testing and fine-tuning.

Hours were being spent creating receipts and costs of postage, time spent downloading the transactions from online payments portals and keying them into their database.

Hours, weekends, months went by and the programming was rigorously tested, re-written and tested again. Eventually Jeff emerged with a robust and thoroughly tested product which he called AAkonsult Payments, a solution with features sought after by both non-profit and corporate organisations.

Improving the payment solution

With its dual appeal and capability to help both corporate and not-for-profit organisations, the demand for it quickly grew the business. AAkonsult employed extra consultants to help manage the workload. Today AAkonsult is often sought out at Salesforce conferences and user groups sharing knowledge on getting the most out of this powerful product.

With every new customer brought on-board, AAkonsult encouraged and listened to their customers feedback. With each enhancement, every customer before and since has benefited from that fine tuning leading to an even better product.

AAkonsult is now a leading player in the Australian market and is looking afield to the international arena to bring answers and solutions to organisations both corporate and not-for-profit.

Who knew this could start with a visit to a children’s event at a vet!

Continuing to listen, develop and implement

To meet the diverse needs of NFP’s and commercial organisations, AAkonsult continuously develops new solutions, all using the power of the Salesforce platform.

The growing stable of apps developed by AAkonsult currently includes free and paid apps all available through Salesfoce App Exchange:

AAkonsult also provides consulting services to help managers of not-for-profit and corporate organisations take their administrative performance to new levels.

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