We know many of our clients are not-for-profit organisations and rely on donations, grants and bequests to fund ongoing work and would benefit from this useful resource. Pamela’s handbook offers a structured and strategic approach to fundraising that takes the guesswork out of this process. She offers advice, confidence and industry knowledge to help create effective and efficient fundraising. 

The premise is a simple but powerful one – have a fundraising strategy. A strategy is a map of where you are now, where you’d like to be and what you have to cross to get there. Writing a strategy down helps you clarify your own thoughts, share your ideas with others and records your goals and objectives to keep you on track. 

The handbook steps through the thinking processes required for setting up, writing, implementing and evaluating your strategy with helpful tips on how to make it real to your own organisation. A strategy provides the backbone to your fundraising activities integrating your mission, ethics and marketing into an easy to follow plan. 

Pamela reminded us at the Strategy Day that creating conditions for people to donate to organisations were simply a matter of asking and by being prepared, polite, organized, specific and brave! Of course, there’s more detail in the book including an analysis of the Australian donor landscape and where to source your donations that match your organisation’s funding model plus more. 

Pamela’s Fundraiser’s Handbook can be ordered here. 

Our Payments2Us app is designed to make your fundraising journey easier by automating key processes and providing a seamless payment system for donations. Let us be part of your fundraising strategy for successful and ongoing donations! 

Posted: April 19th, 2023

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